Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Pipe Smokers

To Inhale or not to Inhale

Many people today think that smoking pipes for smoking are less hazardous to health than cigarette smoking. These smokers are deemed respectable and also have an intellectual quality about them. Is it true then that guys who smoke a tube are at no risk of health effects than cigarette smokers? Perhaps they are not exposed to the damaging effects that are usually associated with cigarette smoking. Early studies really suggested that these smokers lived longer than non-smokers! Is it the pipes for smoking weed smoke is truly a health tonic, or not as dangerous as cigarette smoke? There are definite differences between the 2 kinds of smoke. Cigarette smoke is acidic whilst pipes for weed smoke is more alkaline. Additionally, there's a very noticeable difference in the odor of the two kinds of smoke. Few find the odor of cigarette smoke gratifying, whilst pipes for weed smoke is fragrant and pleasing to the senses. Unlike cigarette smokers, pipes for weed smokers don't normally inhale their smoke and therefore the smoke does not really go into the lungs.
pipes for weed

The Health Question

The impact of cigarette smoking was extensively researched however, there were very few studies looking at pipes and bongs smoking and health. This is primarily due to the fact that there aren't many men who belong to this select smoking club and the numbers are steadily decreasing since the 1960's. It is difficult to obtain good information on these smokers since they're a minority smoking group. Data in the 2001 UK study revealed that only 2 percent of men belonged to this category whilst 27\% were cigarette smokers. So is it feasible to make some decisions about this smoking team and health thinking of the little amounts involved? Luckily a recent American study, reported in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, appeared at the health of 15,000 pipes for sale smokers. This analysis found these smokers have an increased risk of cancer, stroke and heart disease. In particular, they had an increased susceptibility to oral, larynx, esophageal, colon and colon cancers.

All Tobacco Consumption is Bad

Pipes for sale tobacco smoke contains nicotine and toxins that are absorbed via the mouth and for that reason, it must come as no surprise that smoking this kind of tobacco is related to health. All types of tobacco if or not chewed are going to have a negative impact on the health of the user. The only good thing for smokers is that they have a lesser risk of lung cancer in relation to cigarette smokers. It appears that the previous research was wrong and all smokers, regardless of the kind of tobacco consumed, are at severe risk of smoking-related disease and health issues.

It's never easy to stop smoking tobacco since smoking is an extremely addictive chemical.

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